Thursday, October 18, 2007

How to use Corporate Podcast to disseminate media information

Many of the Corporate professionals have been enquiring with me as to whether the Corporate podcast can be used to disseminate the media releases or media information. Whatever information that can be communicated to the media through 'hard or soft copy' can also be released through audio and visual podcasts.

I wanted to demonstrate the usage of podcasts for this purposes. On 17th October 2007, I was managing a Press Conference of Catholic Syrian Bank, one of the leading Indian Private Sector Banks. I have created a 'media release' corporate podcast based on the press conference. If you can get the quotes of the spokespersons earlier, you can release the podcast simultaneously.

About this sample podcast

The background information is like this. Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB) is already developing a core banking solutions jointly with Laser Soft Infosystems Limited, a Chennai based reputed banking software developers. Now the Core banking product is getting ready for implementation. The Bank will be networking all their 347 branches shortly and implement core banking solutions. For this purpose, during the press conference, they have signed 'service level agreements (SLA)' with Wipro, BSNL and VSNL for networking, connectivity and data centre integration.

In this corporate podcast, Mr R Venkatraman, Chairman and CEO of the Bank and Mr K S Viswanathan, Chief Executive, India - Geography of Wipro Infotech have explained this project.

Please watch and listen the visual podcast (click to play) - 7 minutes

If you want to listen to the audio version (click to play) - 7 minutes

If you want to download the visual podcat in wmv format, right click here and save to your desktop ( 2.6 mb) - this can be played in windows media player.

If you want to download the audio only in mp3 format, please right click here and save to your desktop (6.8 mb)

Alternate link for downloading mp3 format (right click this link and save)

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Anonymous said...

Very interresting. IF they every worry about sensisitve informatoin getting out they could always using someting like and make it a non-public podcast. Then if an employee quits, you jsut turn off their feed.

Dave Jackson

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