Saturday, October 13, 2007

Corporate Podcast helping health care industry - A success story

Please read the success story published in The Hindu, one of India's leading Newspaper.

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M. Soundariya Preetha
Photo: K. Ananthan
(Pic below) CONNECTED: U.K. Ananthapadmanaban listening to a pod cast.

COIMBATORE: Stepping out of a conference on healthcare in Chennai about a couple of months ago, U.K. Ananthapadmanaban, president at Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, was stopped by Srinivasan, a pod caster, for a short interview
on his views on the event.

Having known about pod casting already, now pod casts have become almost a daily source of information to Mr. Ananthapadmanaban.

At least for an hour every day he has his ears plugged to his ipod.

As the use of portable media players witnesses a growing trend, people like Mr. Ananthapadmanaban use it to gather professional information too.

The Digital Planet on the BBC and the Special Programming on the CNN are some of his favourites.

"The information available on pod casting is amazing. It makes a lot of sense and what is fascinating is that it is not at all expensive," he says. "The programmes available ranges from technology and profession to entertainment and philosophy."

As the chairman of the healthcare sub-committee of the Confederation of Indian Industry, Southern Region, he feels this can be used as an effective tool in turning Coimbatore into a healthcare destination. It can be used to disseminate information on the healthcare facilities here to overseas patients and to project the facilities available here.

The former chairman of the Southern India Mills' Association, Vijay Venkataswamy, points out that this can be an important and convenient source of information.

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Anonymous said...

I've said it before. Podcasting is going to change the world. Thanks for pointing out this great example.

Dave Jackson

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