Sunday, July 29, 2007

Podsafe music for podcasts

Last week, i mentioned about 'podsafe music'. I wrote to Nigel Paice of to know more about Podsafe music. Email id of Niel Paice is I give give below his views:

What is Podsafe music?

Podsafe music can be defined as any work that contain no recordings, lyrics, copyrights, or other elements that are the copyright of any other artist, except under the limited provisions of the Creative Commons License Agreement (
The artist retains ownership of the works, and is free to distribute, broadcast, license or sell these works at the their discretion.

Firstly, and perhaps the most obvious way that podcasters use podsafe music as content for their shows in much the same way as any number of traditional radio broadcasters do.

However some of the other ways that the same podsafe music can be used are for beds (music under ads or talking), theme tunes for shows, effects and ‘mood music’ for audio dramas’.

Whilst artists are giving their art for free, it must also be remembered that fair attribution ( a mention of the artist and title of the work in your podcast plus a link to their website in your shownotes) must ALWAYS be given. This method of marketing has seen independent artists gain increasing exposure worldwide and massively increased sales of their work.

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Here is a site that offers Podsafe royalty free music.

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