Monday, July 16, 2007

An exclusive blog for Corporate Podcasts

Presently, the social media is emerging as alternate media to reach different segments of people. Though the traditional media like print, television and radio will continue to be dominating the world in future also, the social media will emerge as 'driving force' to the traditional media. The social media includes, blogs, wikis and podcasts.

With the availability of broadband, iPods and iPhones, Podcasts emerge as a powerful communication tool. A Ten minute podcast can reach the target audience in a more focussed manner, than a 30 second spot in TV, at reasonably low cost.

In this blog, i plan to share some of my views on Corporate podcasts, and how corporates can make use of this communication tool more effectively. I will also share some of the best corporate podcasts for the benefit of every one.

Meanwhile, keep visiting to listen to India's first PodMagazine.

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SelvaOnline said...

It is an awesome start from Mr.Srinivasan,Prime Point.Corporates can get benefit out of this. It makes more awareness about companies and their product to the public too.

Keep Visit & Keep Grow.

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